Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located?

A: That’s the great part about working with Decorating Den Interiors – I come to you! I bring all samples, colors, etc. to your home where you can see them with your items and in the light specific to each room in your home.

Q: Do I have to take off work in order to work with an interior decorator?

A: I do try to meet with my clients Monday -Friday during normal business hours. I can schedule earlier morning appointments or later afternoon appointments to accommodate your schedule.

Q: How can you offer free design services?

A: My design services are part of the overall design project. We discuss your ideas and thoughts and your budget. I then incorporate the information you’ve given to me into a project created specifically for you.

Q: What happens on my first appointment?

A: On the first appointment, our goal is to talk about your design plans and prioritize your projects.

Q: How do I determine a budget for my project?

A: You need to decide what amount you are comfortable investing in your home. At our first meeting, I can give you budgetary estimates on your plans and discuss a path to achieve your goals.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum project size?

A: No! I have clients whose projects include simply one room to those projects that include the whole home. However, we typically focus on one or two rooms at a time.

Q: Will you work with my existing pieces/furnishings that are in the room?

A: Certainly! Incorporating treasured pieces of your own is what truly makes your rooms unique to you and your family.

Q: Do you shop with me in other stores?

A: I work with over 100 vendors and will present items to you that I feel will work best in your home and with your lifestyle. Working through my vendors gives me hundreds of product options to choose from to find the best pieces available for your project.

Q: What’s the timeframe to get everything in?

A: Time frames vary from item to item and will be determined at the time of ordering.

Q: Is it returnable?

A: Items purchased through Decorating Den Interiors are returnable, per the contractual agreement. However, with the expertise I bring to the design, my clients are very pleased with the end result and enjoy the design for years to come.

Q: Can I get a plan and shop retail?

A: If you prefer to shop yourself, I can offer a master plan that provides suggested layouts and best sizes of specified items. This is type of work is done on an hourly basis.

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